Both within the architect’s office and among each project’s technical professional, the ability to work together effords a firm for architectural excellence. More importantly, a close collaboration between architect and client is crucial.

We design buildings for clients- our goal is to find the optimal solution to each client needs.

The work of Daniel Assayag Architects does not confirm to a single architectural “style”. As such, the character of our buildings is influenced by several parameters, including the project brief, the regional master plan, site factors, and environmental concerns. Each project emerges uniquely from these constraints. We wish, nonetheless, to distinguish all our projects by their architectural quality, through extra emphasis upon detailing and upon construction supervision.

The project budget also plays an important role in determining the architectural solution. We consider the budget to be a fundamental programmatic variable, which suggests the direction of the plan, and according to which the project is evaluated at each stage.

Our stuff has, over the years, acquired experience in a wide range of projects, including town planning schemes, hotels, housing projects, schools, public buildings, industrial buildings etc. We have deliberately avoided over-specialization. Each new project is considered afresh, surely depending upon lessons learned before, but never a mechanical repetition.

Daniel Assayag B.Arch

Daniel Assayag was born in Jerusalem and Graduated from the Bezalel Academy Department of Architecture.
He received his Bachelors of Architecture in 1986 from the Pratt Institute, New York.
After His Graduation, Assayag worked in several N.Y. Offices and had a private practice as well.
Daniel worked in the office of the well known architect Rafael Vinoly in New York until his return to Israel in 1990.
With his return to Israel, Assayag was a senior partner at ‘Schocken Assayag Architects.
In 1999 Assayag established ‘Daniel Assayag Architects’.
Daniel Assayag participated in Several competitions in which one of them was the competition for the design of the Prime Ministers building in Jerusalem 1995 (second Prize – selected by the professional jury as the best Project).
Daniel Assayag Has also served as a Studio lecturer at Bezalel School of Architecture in the year 1996.
Daniel Assayag is currently leading the design and inspection of several projects such as an elementary school, a synagogue, kinder gardens, community centers, housing projects and a town planning scheme for the center of west Jerusalem.

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